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About Dolls Division Game

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Dolls Division is a free-to-play browser-based base building and strategy game with anime-inspired visuals. It was developed by Nutaku Publishing and released in 2020. The game has been praised for its addictive gameplay, cute characters, and frequent updates.

Key Features

  • Free-to-play browser-based game: Dolls Division is a free-to-play game that can be played on any web browser. This makes it easy to get started and play without having to install any additional software.
  • Anime-inspired visuals: Dolls Division features beautiful anime-inspired visuals that are sure to appeal to fans of the genre. The characters are well-designed and the game’s world is full of detail.
  • Variety of game modes: Dolls Division offers a variety of different game modes, including PvP battles, PvE missions, and resource gathering. This gives players plenty of things to do and ensures that there is always something new to experience.
  • Addictive gameplay: Dolls Division is a very addictive game that is easy to pick up and play but difficult to master. The game’s core loop of building, training, and conquering is very satisfying, and players will find themselves spending hours on end trying to improve their base and defeat their opponents.
  • Generous gacha system: Dolls Division’s gacha system is very generous, and players can easily earn enough in-game currency to summon new Dolls without having to spend any money. However, there are also a number of in-app purchases available, which can speed up the game’s progression and unlock additional content.
  • Frequent updates: Dolls Division is a game that is constantly being updated with new content. This includes new Dolls, new game modes, and new features. This ensures that the game always feels fresh and exciting, and that there is always something new to look forward to.

Systme Requirements

  • Operating system: Android 9 or later
  • Processor: Octa-core 2.0 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: Adreno 640 or higher
  • Storage: 8 GB of available space
  • Internet connection: Broadband internet connection

How to Download & Install it?

  1. Open Google Play Store: On your Android device, find and open the Google Play Store app. It’s represented by a colorful icon with a white play button.
  2. Search for “Dolls Division”: In the search bar at the top of the Google Play Store, type “Dolls Division” and press Enter or tap the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Download: Download and install an Android emulator. There are many different emulators available, but some of the most popular ones include BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and LDPlayer.
  4. Install: Once you have downloaded the file, open your emulator and drag and drop the file onto the emulator’s screen. This will install the game on your emulator.
  5. Once the game: Once the game is installed, you can launch it from your emulator’s app drawer. You will need to create an account or sign in to your existing account to play the game.


Dolls Division is a fun and engaging game that is sure to appeal to fans of anime, strategy games, and base building simulators. It is a great option for casual gamers as well as hardcore players.

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